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Welcome to AIP Food Club

Welcome to AIP Food Club

Hello!  You made it.  We’re glad to have you with us, please have a seat.

Welcome to AIP Food Club!  This is a place for recipes, resources, and advice on cooking, eating, and living on the paleo autoimmune protocol.  (Haven’t heard of the autoimmune protocol?  Give this guide a read first).

Why is it a “club?”

I believe that good eating involves communities.  We form eating communities all the time, from coworkers with whom you schedule Burger Mondays to roommates who keep a weekly cooking rotation to families who eat dinner together.  For those of us on AIP, our real-life food communities don’t always have dietary needs that align with our own.  It can be hard to continue doing Burger Mondays if you can’t eat the bun or the cheese.

AIP Food Club is a new food community made for and by people like you, who have similar food-related needs and wishes.  We are here to share recipes, advice, and emotional support to all those who undertake this life- and health-changing diet.  This is a circle to celebrate the food we can eat, while putting the food we can’t eat out of sight and out of mind.  Who knows!  We might even do Burger Mondays, but ours will be first-class AIP-compliant burgers, with collard-green-wrap buns and interesting pickles and heaps of tasty toppings.

What do members do?

“Membership” means joining a community of like-minded, food-restricted, supportive, and caring people.  Right now, “membership” means that you like this blog and want to receive news, updates, articles, and recipes in your inbox.  But coming soon, membership will mean the following things:

  • Monthly chances to submit recipes to be featured on AIP Food Club
  • Chances to connect and correspond with other members who are, like you, following the autoimmune protocol
  • Possible potlucks, group trips to AIP-friendly restaurants, and meet-ups in New York (and hopefully other cities)

Can I join?

Yes, please do!  To join, simply fill out this form:


Great! Now.  Let’s get eating!

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